Pricing of Services

Photo Credit: Cy Cyr

Photo Credit: Cy Cyr


A deposit of $50 is required prior to the initial consultation.  This deposit will be included in the final payment.  Should the wedding date be cancelled for any reason by the couple, the deposit will not be returned.  If you change the date of your wedding after the contract has been signed and the officiant is available on the new date, there will be a $25 change fee.  If the officiant is not available on the new date, the $50 deposit as well as any consultation fees that have already been submitted will not be returned.

*Cancellation and Change of Date policies are notated in the signed agreement between the couple and the officiant.



Consultations are $25.  At least one consultation is required.  An initial consultation is necessary to do an introduction session with the couple and the officiant.  This will allow the couple to go over the layout of the ceremony, discuss themes, expectations and any aspects of the ceremony the officiant needs to know.  Once the ceremony has been discussed, the officiant will write out the ceremony and submit to the couple for approval.  Should more consultations be requested by the couple, it will be an additional $25 per session. 



The officiant will meet the wedding party at the agreed upon time and date for the rehearsal.  There is a $125 fee.  The rehearsal is necessary to walk-through the ceremony and make any necessary changes prior to the wedding day.



The officiant will arrive to the wedding venue at least 20 minutes prior to the set ceremony start time.  She will conduct the ceremony as planned and will sign the marriage license immediately following.  The fee for ceremony services is $300.



If out of state travel is required, all flight, rental car (if necessary) and hotel accommodations will be paid for by the couple.  Flight/car/hotel costs will be agreed on by the officiant and the couple prior to any reservations being made.  Weddings within the state of Indiana will not include travel fees unless it exceeds 40 miles from Atlanta, Indiana (46031) at which the standard mileage rate will be applied for distances over 40 miles per trip. ($0.56/mile)


total cost

Total cost of officiant services is $500 (Deposit + 1 Consultation + Rehearsal + Ceremony).  

Cost may vary if any other fees apply such as additional consultations, travel and gratuities (optional).